Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SNP's online own goal emphasises their irrelevance

I have to thank the SNP for making me laugh this afternoon. This official tweet from them shows how they just don't get it.

If you follow the link, it takes you to this barely literate press release which includes the phrase

"This is an embarrassing blunder for Jim Murphy an epic fail".

As my friend Graeme commented "Perhaps the SNP should learn how to construct sentences before they criticise."

The point of their press release was to claim the Facebook Generation which Jim Murphy had said were represented by Labour, for themselves, which totally misses the point of social networking.

It's so arrogant to claim an entire group of people for yourself. Facebook is made up of millions of people with different beliefs, goals and aspirations. Where the SNP and Labour often go wrong in using social networking is that they fail to realise that the process of communication is meant to be two way. It's not there to tell people what to do, it's there to have a conversation with them.

Compare and contrast to the Liberal Democrat presence on Facebook and Twitter. Instinctively we relish and enjoy the dialogue with people. MPs like Alistair Carmichael, Jo Swinson and Willie Rennie all have meaningful (and also more relaxed) discussions about local, national and international issues with their Facebook and Twitter friends. For thousands of people, this has opened up a whole new way of communicating with their MP. Facebook helps build a rapport which can make it easier for someone to approach the MP to ask for help - and they do, often. If you're going to serve people well, you need to be as accessible and approachable as possible.

It's quite amazing that the SNP is taking up bandwidth talking about this kind of stuff today of all days. I mean, we've just been told that the Easter Bunny's bringing us all a tax hike, people in rural areas particularly have not been helped at all by phasing in another fuel tax rise, not one person has been helped to find affordable housing and those on housing benefit who live in areas where rents are high have been even further shafted by Labour. You would think that the SNP would comment on the Budget, not fight like ferrets in a sack about who owns Facebook.

Before you say anything, I can write about this sort of stuff if I want. I'm in no way officially representing the Lib Dems and if I want to make observations about trashy things, then that's nobody's business but my own.

Today's poor showing from the SNP is yet more evidence of why they are irrelevant at Westminster.

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