Sunday, November 09, 2008

£5000 project to discover benefits of Wii

Now that all the elections are over, there's now time to report on some of the dafter stories in today's newspapers. I was particularly amused by this one which tells how a University academic has been given £5000 to determine the benefits of computer games to children. Apparently some kids will be split into groups and some will be given exercises from the Wii while others will go about their normal lunchtime activities.

Allow me to hazard a guess as to the conclusions of this research:

If "normal lunchtime activities" involve stuffing their faces with chips and reading the Beano, yes, I'm sure the Wii would be a benefit.

If "normal lunchtime activities" include being active in the fresh air, then it probably wouldn't.

I am amazed that money, which could be allocated to finding a cure for cancer or eliminating poverty or climte change is actually being spent on a project which will do little more than state the bleedin' obvious.....

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PJ said...

This reminds me of the research done at Bristol University in the late 1980s to establish the perfect way to dunk a biscuit.. Admittedly it was funded by a biccie manufacturer but still it caused more than a little frustration for those of us who were struggling to do more meaningful research.

PhDs soon to be available in underwater basketweaving and stating the bleeding obvious!


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