Friday, November 07, 2008

High Drama in Glenrothes

I'm not talking about the by-election. I'm referring to the fact that I broke down on the A92 on the way back from the Count and had to wait for the AA for 45 minutes before being taken back home in a tow truck. Stephen was with me so I didn't have to be scared of the dark on my own but it was quite scary being beside the dual carriageway with more traffic than than I would have thought at 2 in the morning whizzing past me.

Anyway, there was some irony that this happened close to the Redhouse Roundabout, which both Peter Grant and us had talked about upgrading during the campaign.

As for the result, obviously disappointing, but we were squeezed. It happens. And then when we're in a strong position, other people get squeezed. It doesn't always happen, but this result can't be compared to the constituencies where we're strong.

I'm proud to have been part of an energetic and fantastic team who are hard working and great to be around.

We were absolutely fantastic at predicting the result from our sampling - we knew that there was going to be a Labour majority of 5000+ when the Nats were still telling the press that they had won.

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