Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sleep or Stupidity. Which will win?

Thanks, Labour Party. Not only have they deprived me of a week at home with my daughter during the October holidays, but they have completely mucked up my plans to enjoy some uninterrupted saturation coverage of the US elections.

I need my sleep. I turn into the Bitch from Hell if I don't get enough. Given that I'm going to be up most of Thursday night and will then have to go to work on Friday, it would be very sensible of me to make sure I get my full 8 hours tonight.

But I really want to stay up and join in all the live blogging and see it all happen as it happens, not on Sky Plus over the weekend. I remember how fabulous it was in 1992 when Clinton won. I stayed up all night, on my own and cried my eyes out (I can be incredibly soppy at times) when he gave his acceptance speech. To this day if I hear "I still believe in a place called Hope" it makes me tingle inside.

This is the 10th Presidential election I've been alive for. Only 3 so far have elected Democrats. Tonight is the first real hope in 12 years of a Democrat, and a good one at that, entering the White House.

I suspect I will probably go to bed around 9 and try to get up around 2 to see what's happening. Stephen has promised to text me when anything exciting happens. At least then I will have had some sleep with the chance of another couple of hours later on.

To all of you who are less wimpish than I am, enjoy the night and I may see you later.

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Charlotte Gore said...

Say Hello to Brendan for me if you see him :)

Good luck, too!

Unknown said...

I have seen Brendan many times - I have driven him and huge piles of paper to various parts of the constituency. He is absolutely fantastic and delivers leaflets like a demon. In fact, he's so good, he has to stay in Scotland - we are not letting you have him back.....:-)

Charlotte Gore said...

Oh doesn't he just? I go delivering with him round here every now and again and he totally exhausts me!

Unknown said...

I have not gone out delivering with him yet - I am not worthy for such a feat and there's no way I could keep up.

He is definitely in the m

I will say hello to him tomorrow when I see him.


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