Saturday, November 22, 2008

X Factor judges sink to new low

I thought the scenes of bitching and name calling we often see in the House of Commons was the finest example of public juvenile behaviour we had in this country. Not so - tonight the X Factor judges showed that they would do well on the green benches.

Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue let the argument I referred to earlier about song choices spill over into the live show.

Neither of them covered themselves in glory, but I was particularly appalled that a woman of nearly 40 years of age allowed herself to get into such a tearful mess that she was unable to introduce her second act, Rachel, who has proven herself to be pretty vulnerable throughout the series. She spent the rest of the show in a strop in a highly unprofessional show of emotion.

Let's look at it another way, though. Louis said nothing about song choices. Dannii brought it up, presumably knowing that her comments would wind Louis up. She then throws a fit of hysterics to garner sympathy for her acts. Could be construed as very calculating.

Quite possibly this is all a massive attention grabbing publicity stunt, but it's a show of petulance too far. I just hope that none of the acts suffers from the behaviour of their mentors.

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Anonymous said...

I like Danni very much. Never once has she been publically catty or mean or insensitive to other people's feelings. I hate the way online people feel they have the right to attribute some sort of cynical evil scheming to every action of someone who in my opinion is innocent of such things. And that remark about her age - sometimes age doesn't count you know - you can get stressed cry at 100, and at any age before (or after - even though it is the wrong time - you'll find out ;)

Best Wishes!

Unknown said...

I still think X Factor are trying to grab some headlines back from Strictly but that it went way too far tonight.

It's not fair when it unsettles the contestants. Dannii should have bitten her lip and got over it - and then skelped Louis' backside later, off camera.


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