Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama in Denver 26th October

I wanted to put this up to show the first part of his speech, before he gets into his full oratorical stride - generously thanking all those who helped him and name checking fellow Democrats running for election. It's no mean feat to remember all those names given that he's making loads of these speeches across the country every day. I thought it was also touching that he thanked people for their good wishes to his ill grandmother, done matter of factly and not over the top.

My friend Elspeth would have been there in the 100,000 throng, along with another couple of Lib Dems.

I am getting to seriously like Obama now - I think he has extraordinary dignity, grace, unflappability and good judgment. He has barely put a foot wrong the entire campaign. I still have questions on the substance, but I think the guy is worthy to hold the office of US President for his own sake and not just because he isn't a Republican.

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