Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nationalists, you don't own our flag.

I love Scotland. I have lived here for most of my life and I was desperate to get back for each and every one of the 11 years I was away. I am so proud to be Scottish and to share in a country with such a rich culture, a fascinating history and such diverse, dramatic and wonderful scenery.

It saddens me that the Nationalists use our saltire as if it belongs to their Party alone. There is not one person out there campaigning in that by-election who does not love Scotland or care about our future - I even give the Tories the benefit of the doubt on that one.

I've seen loads of cars full of Nat activists sporting saltires. They already have a unique and instantly recognisable symbol of their cause. In fact it's so good that it impressed a senior Liberal Democrat from south of the border in a previous by-election to the extent that he shinned up a lampost at dead of night to get one to take home with him.

Why do they feel the need to appopriate a flag that belongs to all of us and use it to promote their political cause. Our national symbol should bind us together and the SNP should recognise that you don't have to be one of them to have a deep and passionate love for Scotland.

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Grogipher said...

I completely agree that the SNP do not "own" the Saltire, and the vast majority of the party would agree.

The real question that must be asked, is why are the other parties so afraid to use it?

Can you imagine any other nation on Earth where political parties would not use the nation's flags? Can you imagine the American election without the star-spangled banner?

Unknown said...

We did - on our posters, literature and website, but it was combined with our own logo, too. So many cars were going around Glenrothes, full of nationalists, that just had a saltire on them. It's our flag and shouldn't be cheapened by appropriation by any one political party as their own.


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