Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Week of Three Elections

Well, this time next week, I will have the first full weekend off I've had since mid August, and three hotly contested elections will be over.

The first is obviously the US Presidential - and don't for one minute think I've forgiven Labour for interfering with my saturation tv watching and plans to sit up all night on Tuesday. It feels good at the moment - let's hope Obama pulls off the historic victory he thoroughly deserves.

The second is, equally obviously, Glenrothes. Everyone involved in all of the campaigns has put their heart and soul into this long by-election fight. Harry Wills would be a fabulous MP, fighting tirelessly for his constituents, like Willie Rennie and Ming Campbell his near neighbours.

Last but not least we find out if Ros Scott has won through in the Party Presidential election next Saturday - all ballot papers have to be back next Friday, so if you are a party member and haven't voted yet - do so this weekend.

All that in one week and Strictly Come Dancing on every night as well - what more could a girl ask for?

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Will said...

Don't forget the Council By-Elections in Baillieston and Forth! They've been overshadowed somewhat but they're significant as well: Baillieston to see just how strong the SNP momentum is in the East End of Glasgow, and Forth a) to see how John Loughton will perform and b) as it's looking like the contest is between the SNP and LibDems - which means that either way, the ruling Coalition in Edinburgh will gain a member. If that's correct, then it'll be a huge endorsement for the current administration.

Unknown said...

You are, of course, right about the Council by-elections. I don't rate Loughton's chances in Forth - I would say it was more a two horse race between us and Labour, though.

But while you're here, what do you reckon about Strictly? I suspect Heather may again be on a sticky wicket, or Jodie unless she and Ian can nail the Pride and Prejudice theme, or Andrew, whose GMTV vote seems to be dwindling.

Will said...

I was disappointed by Heather - I thought she'd put in a good performance with the cha cha, but it wasn't to be and it's got to be the dance-off for her. The other one will be either Andrew or John - most likely Andrew as John seems to get a good sympathy vote!

And it seems that Cherie might have run out of steam... a shame.


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