Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US Election Live Blog 2

04:18 Hooray - it's over. Dignified McCain concedes.

04:17 McCain to concede shortly according to Dimblebore

04:15 Obama now only 2% behind in Missouri with 60% in. Maybe it might get it right after all.

04:08 CNN showing Obama 5000 or so ahead in Indiana.

04:00 BBC calls it for Obama. YAY!

03:59 - CNN have coloured Virginia in blue...... Obama's lead improves.

03:56 in my absence, BBC were talking about McCain being very bipartisan and conciliatory in his forthcoming concession speech......

03:53 - my laptop completely froze but have restarted and all so far so good. It was the BBC website that did it,I think - every time I tried to load it IE crashed.

Denis Kucinich, all round good guy and Congressman from Ohio, married to 30 years younger English redhead, has just been on BBC.

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