Saturday, November 08, 2008

All Hail Colin Rosenstiel and Congratulations to our President Elect

Yet again, Colin Rosenstiel has put up all the internal Party election results in the full entirety of every single stage to satisfy even the nerdiest of geeks (and you can be sure there are plenty of those in our wonderful party), in super quick time.

He does this every single year and I actually don't know where the Party would be without him. Thanks, Colin, for all the time and energy you put into this.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that Ros Scott won the Party Presidency with 72% of the votes cast - that is no mean feat and is testament to the superb campaign she ran, visiting local parties the length and breadth of the party.

I have been a Ros supporter for ages, but I really think she will be a fantastic president and I feel more confident about the future of our party knowing she will be there helping us improve our organisation.

A brief scan on the Committee results shows success for Duncan Borrowman on Fe, Susan Gaszczak on Policy Committee and Arnie Gibbons on Conference Committee. I always thought I would be happy as long as those three got on..........

More on this tomorrow - sleep beckons........

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arnieg said...

Well I must have done something right! I've always enjoyed FCC and I'm glad that I can continue doing so.

No prospect of a Federal Conference in Scotland soon though


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