Saturday, March 14, 2009

Comic Relief 2009 - the Funniest Bits and David Tennant's Backside

Seeing as many of my friends are away in Perth this weekend, I thought I'd do a wee guide to Comic Relief for them to watch on their return so all they have to do is collapse their weary, hungover bodies in front of their laptops and read on.

I wasn't surprised when I went to YouTube today and discovered that the bits of Comic Relief that had been posted were the funny ones and not the films which showed the projects that our money goes to support. I was particularly moved by the films shown last night about Malaria, about which I've already commented, several showing the reality of life for the UK's 175,000 child carers, and Davina McCall's traumatic visit to a maternity hospital in Malawi.

The one which broke my heart the most was the Comic Relief funded helpline for children with alcoholic parents, where children ring up to be read stories because their parents are too out of it to look after them. One child was shown hiding under her bed on Christmas Day when her parents came in - she begged the counsellor to stay with her.

If you haven't already donated to Comic Relief, and if any of what is below makes you laugh even a tiny bit, please make a donation now.

My comic highlights of the night are the Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant "The Office the Opera", including a wee surprise at the end that made me laugh so much I choked on my Earl Grey as I was watching it for the first time at breakfast today. Hats off to the person involved for being willing to take the mickey out of himself quite so well.

Then the legendary French and Saunders' last film parody of Mamma Mia.

I had never seen any Outnumbered before, but I will be making a point of watching the next series. It's truly brilliant as this clip shows.

As usual the best parts of the night, as with anything, are Doctor Who related. First, The Sarah Jane Adventures, featuring Ronnie Corbett!

But the best thing of all, was this collection of David Tennant's presenting clips, including an entirely gratuitous but extremely pleasant shot of his backside. Enjoy.

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