Monday, March 23, 2009

Stabbings and Vegetarians - Labour's weird sense of what's important.

Following on from yesterday's post about how the Government is keeping track of people who order vegetarian meals on flights as this apparently indicates potential terrorist tendencies, the lovely Dr Pack has made this short film outlining all the dodgy things he does in his life which could arouse the Government's suspicions. I can think of one more - what ideal cover it would be for a potential terrorist to work for a liberal and democratic party so perhaps all Lib Dem staff should be tagged as potentially dangerous. Or maybe all Lib Dem members - and then we are getting into scary territory. It's frightening how quickly paranoia and suspicion could turn sinister.

It also caught my eye today that just shy of 50,000 people have been treated for stab wounds in hospitals in England and Wales alone since Labour came to power in 1997. That's a sum almost equivalent to the population of the town where I live, of actual people who have suffered actual injury. These figures were obtained by Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Paul Holmes.

You barely go through a week without hearing of another family being affected by the tragedy of knife crime. You would think that the Government would have taken more decisive action, putting more Police on the beat in communities, that type of thing, to try to deal with this and reduce the fear that young people have.

Instead, they seem hell bent on wasting money and resources on making up ridiculous databases putting people under suspicion for farcical reasons. It's high time they shook themselves up and got themselves a better sense of persepective.

Priorities, people.

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