Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SNP Tactical Voting's Guide to Gordon Brown for the Americans

Every so often a fellow blogger comes up with something so good that it deserves circulating to a wider audience.

Step forward Jeffrey Breslin and take your bow for this brilliant guide to Gordon Brown to the Americans.

"Gordon doesn't usually have a straight tie, don't take it personally if it doesn't look like he dressed for the occasion.

When Gordon is baring his teeth at you, that will probably be a smile.

When Gordon's shoulders shake seemingly for no reason, that will be a laugh. And the sentences before it, believe it or not, will have been a joke. Try your best to laugh along if you can.

When Gordon says he has saved the world, indulge him a little as he thinks he is Superman at the moment.

When Gordon puts his hands together and bounces them forwards, he is suggesting a policy. Brace yourself for the next 10 minutes. Or take a power nap.

One last thing, Gordon probably won't be brave enough to tell you to your faces this was your fault. It was your fault."

LibDig This!

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Ha! Thanks very much Caron.

Sometimes it's the silly posts that you come close to deleting that work out the best... ;)


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