Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cringing with Pride

I was feeling much better today, and managed to last until lunchtime before collapsing in a heap and needing to go to bed. I was in a very deep sleep that was disturbed by Anna jumping on me and puncturing my unconsciousness with the words "If you don't wake up soon I'll get a wet sponge" when she came in from school.

She then excitedly told me how she had won an award at school for being a "Successful Learner" (it's Scottish Curriculum for Excellence jargon, don't worry about it) for her story writing this week.

It turns out that she was asked to write about "An Embarrassing Moment". Anna is a very private person, unlike me who'll blether about anything. She hates writing about her feelings, especially to people she doesn't really know. So, what did my pragmatic little girl do when confronted with this topic? She decided to tell the world about one of the most embarrassing moments of MY life. I bet that's caused some chuckling in the classroom.

I would tell you what it was, if it didn't involve someone else...........honest!

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