Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vegetarians as Terror Suspects - has the world gone completely mad?

My husband is one of the most peace loving, reasonable, moderate, kind and generally good people you could ever wish to meet.

Yet the Government might well have him under suspicion for terrorist activities.


For some reason they have decided that ordering vegetarian food on an aeroplane indicates malevolence of purpose.

Other suspcious indicators include travelling with a foreign born husband or wife - the Queen better watch out then, given that her husband was born in Greece - or making a last minute booking for a flight. Better watch out on the impulsive romantic gestures front, then.

You have to seriously wonder at the mindset of the people who make these things up.

Let's hope they don't send people round to search my food cupboards -they are full of lentils and chick peas. No doubt we'll be under a Control Order in no time....

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Debra Storr said...

But Caron, of course, you are a subversive.

Unknown said...

And the only vegetarian thing I ever eat is veggie haggis.


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