Saturday, March 14, 2009

What they didn't tell you on last night's Comic Relief

A huge part of last night's highly successful Comic Relief programme was devoted to the devastating effects of Malaria which needlessly affects so many children in Africa. Film after film of seriously ill and dying children was shown and the point made that their illness could be avoided by putting a Mosquito net which costs £5 over their beds.

Much was made about the Government giving extra tax breaks to help Comic Relief provide more of these vital, lifesaving nets.

What they didn't tell you, of course, is that the UK Government routinely deports children to the very places in Africa where Malaria is rife. Do they hand them this relatively cheap lifesaver as they throw them off the plane? No, of course not. I find that quite sickening and the more I hear about the detention of mothers and children in Yarl's Wood and the dreadful treatment meted out to them, the angrier I get. And the fact is that our Government is happy to send children back to play russian roulette with mosquitos without giving the wherewithal to protect themselves.

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