Friday, March 27, 2009

Russell Brand is a nice guy after all

Russell Brand today has shown his sensitive side in this very genuine, touching and heartfelt tribute to Jade Goody which he put on his blog this morning. I never knew that his mother had Cancer several times during his childhood - and survived them - and Russell's sympathy for Jade's boys is very clear. These gentle and empathetic qualities are not what you would normally expect from the often outrageous comedian and it's good to see this aspect of him.

It's been obvious that people in "showbiz" who actually met Jade, Stephen Fry being another example, were impressed with her. He posted the following on Twitter the day she died:

"Poor, dear Jade. She was a fellow guest on @wossy a year or so back & I warmed to her immensely. All impulsive spirit & smiles. What a life
8:44 AM Mar 22nd from Tweetie

Jade lived life under a magnifiyong glass. Magnifying glasses magnify (obviously) but they distort and they burn.
8:46 AM Mar 22nd from Tweetie

I suppse she was a kind of Princess D from the wrong side of the tracks....
8:47 AM Mar 22nd from Tweetie"

Unfortunately for his trouble he then spent some time responding to some bile from people who disagreed with him. I wonder why people just can't be sympathetic in these circumstances.

These comments from Brand and Fry are worth so much more than the acres of cliched yuck that is coming out of most of the tabloids and celebrity magazines at the moment.

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