Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is this how you want your taxes to be spent?

These are difficult financial times, for sure. If you were James Purnell, and your hands were on the purse strings of the Department of Work and Pensions, which of the following would you think is the most deserving use of public resources?

a) Sorting out the diabolical mess that is the CSA

b) Making sure that JobCentrePlus and the Benefit Delivery Centres can cope with the new applications for benefit that are flooding in now that here are 2 million unemployed - and in my experience they can't, nor do the staff seem to have much understanding of recent rule changes

c) Providing more help for people to access and apply for jobs, and training

d) Restoring the link between pensions and earnings

e) This

Ok, so in Government spending terms, this is the equivalent of the likes of us going to the toilet in Waverley Station, but my Granny always used to say that if you looked after the pennies, the pounds would take care of themselves. I'm sure that this waste of money is only one of many examples of scarce resources that could be better spent.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like a cheap and cheerful attempt at something innovative to me. It might well pay for itself several times over and the criticism looks like self-advertisement for Mr Hurd.

Unknown said...

Yes, but there are greater priorities, and real, rather than virtual problems to be resolved.


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