Saturday, October 25, 2008

Alex on his travels - again

Alex Salmond was in Glenrothes again for his 7th visit today.

This week he has been there twice and managed to get down to Peterborough to attempt to wow the rest of the UK on Question Time.

Sadly he didn't make it into the voting lobby on Wednesday night to try to stop the Lloyds HBOS merger.

It's not so much I'd do Anything, but I would do anything for HBOS but I won't do that.

Nancy to Meatloaf in a few short weeks:-)

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PJ said...

I laughed when I read your Nancy to Meatloaf comment - very witty!

Glenrothes - Yes
Peterborough - Yes
Voting lobby - No

Maybe he's working on the Two out of Three Ain't Bad theme...

Stephen Glenn said...

Amazing what you can come up with on the drive up to Glenrothes.


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