Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SNP’s Glenrothes Hopeful wants home within five years

Aww, bless. Peter Grant, SNP candidate in Glenrothes, doesn’t really want to spend too much time in Westminster. I sympathise. There’s no way on earth I’d want to leave my lovely life and family in Scotland to work 500 miles away every week. I spent 11 years living in England, which taught me to appreciate how fabulous Scotland is.

However, I have no intention of standing for election to Westminster at any time in the foreseeable future.

Peter Grant is asking people to put their trust in him next week. What will he do if, as expected, Scotland rejects independence in 2010? The referendum might not even happen. What then? Will he stand down as MP, or will he continue grudgingly attending a Parliament he really doesn’t want to be a part of? Would he just stay at home and not bother turning up for vital votes on things like taxes, benefits and ID cards?

The people of Glenrothes deserve an MP who will fight their corner at Westminster. Harry Wills would feel privileged to serve the people of Glenrothes and would be a welcome addition to an already strong Lib Dem Parliamentary team.

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Jeff said...

Oh dear, the level of debate sinks still further.

Don't be taken in by the Telegraph's poor journalism Caron, clearly Peter Grant is saying he wants Scotland to be independent in 5 years rather than saying he'd jack in the job if we stay as part of the UK.

Is that really so surprising? Don't you think the existing SNP MPs attend Westminster grudgingly?

Yet another cheap by-election headline that detracts from substantive debate.


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