Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kezia steps down from her Soapbox

There aren't so many of us women political bloggers up here in Scotland so I feel a bit of a sense of loss tonight at the news that Kezia Dugdale has decided to stop blogging. She explains her reasons here.

I liked her style, I agreed with her on a few things and I found that she always had something orginal and relevant to say. The Scottish blogosphere is dominated by men and nationalists, neither of which are mecessarily bad concepts in themselves, but we need more balance. She showed that it didn't need to be that way and built up an admiring readership from across the political spectrum. I am somewhat at a loss to work out how she thought that her blogging would harm the Labour Party when she was actually able to represent them well even in these turbulent times.

I hope we see her back in the blogosphere one day.

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Mono said...

hear hear!


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