Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Sun doesn't shine on Iain Gray

I almost feel sorry for Iain Gray, new Scottish Labour leader. He got a bit of a pasting from Matt Bendoris in today's Sun

His crime? Basically being boring. The Gray by name and Gray by nature thing was an easy an analogy to come up with and Iain does seem to think that he has to live up to it. The problem is that for all his talk of re-connecting with the people, he just doesn't have the interpersonal skills to get them to take notice.

It was an act of collective stupidity for the Labour Party to elect him as leader. He's the guy who should be locked in a room with a balance sheet, not let loose on the street to meet people. Cathy Jamieson would have been a much better choice with Gray being given a senior shadow cabinet portfoliio.

It's difficult to see who he is going to appeal to. Salmond, for all his faults, is very good with people, Tavish Scott is also comfortable out on the stump and you know he's got that bit of Viking about him to kick his opponents into touch, and it's very difficult, despite her being a Tory, to dislike Annabel Goldie. Iain Gray has not much to offer.

I'm sure he's very decent and respectable, but he just doesn't seem to have any energy about him. Maybe that will grow as he gets more comfortable in the role. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

The insoluble problem for Labour was that none of the three candidates was as good as Tavish, Alex or Annabel.


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