Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've always believed the Golden Dozen is the ideal place for me

I shouldn't think that as an argument will get me there any more than Lembit's assertion that he's always thought the Presidency was the ideal job for him will work in his campaign. It's not much of a killer argument, really.

Anyway, I have been amused by the increasingly sensationalist headlines used by Jennie and James to try to dominate the Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen. What next? "Ros Scott eats Pan Fried Baby with shallots and tarragon for Dinner!"

Stephen Glenn has got in on the act too, although I suspect he left his sense of proportion on a street in Buckhaven when he was delivering last Sunday. Nestle, Jennie and James don't quite go in the same sentence. I did wonder whether it was wise to have a wee pop at Stephen, even in jest, when I am about to go and pick him up to take him to Glenrothes by election HQ for the fifth weekend in a row. The boy delivers leaflets like a demon and I don't want to upset him - especially seeing as it's pouring rain.

Mind you, he won't see this till Monday morning, so why not?

Anyway, some people have been a bit sniffy about how popularity doesn't necessarily mean quality. So what - we all like a bit of trash in our lives every now and then. The whole point of the GD is that the top seven are determined by click throughs and the rest are hand picked by those discerning folk at LDV. Quite a good compromise, I think.

I should point out, of course, that no babies have been eaten in the creation of this post............

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Charlotte Gore said...

Hmm I think by sniffy you mean me :)

What I mean is that the 'click throughs' only really measure people going from lib dem blogs to a particular post. It's a test of who's got the most exciting or interesting title and that seems to be it :S

The really popular bloggers have readers that subscribe and visit their blog directly so they rarely appear on the golden dozen 'top posts' list

I'm not saying everything has to be high brow or serious! Quality for me just means worth reading, whether it's witty, or entertaining, or clever or whatever :)

I'm just not convinced at all that the 'most popular stories of week' feature is really all that useful for anyone?

Jennie Rigg said...

"Ros Scott eats Pan Fried Baby with shallots and tarragon for Dinner!"

... and a nice Chianti, of course ;)

Unknown said...

Jennie, I don't do scary and I still remember how petrified I was walking out of the cinema after watching Silence of the Lambs...

Charlotte, I know what you mean - I hardly ever click through from Lib Dem Blogs to my favourites any more cos they're on my blog list here. However,there's probably enough of a sample from LD Blogs to give an idea of what's popular. They do also provide a wee snippet of the article which I usually read before I click.

A good chunk of the Golden Dozen is made up of LDV's pick of postings so I still think it's a fairly good marker of what's about even though I've never made it.

Jennie Rigg said...

Everyone who is on my regular reading list is muted on Lib Dem blogs - I don't want to read the same stuff twice.

To get into the bottom five, I quite often nominate myself if I think I have made a particularly good post. Invariably this means that Stephen will pick a different post to the one I nominate, but... ;) I do nominate other people too, though, it's not a PURE ego trip...

Unknown said...

Good tip. Thanks, Jennie.


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