Friday, October 31, 2008


I love Hallowe'en - I'm not so keen on the Americanisation of the event and I think that Trick or Treating is an abomination, but I love the dressing up, the dooking for apples, and the decorations, not to mention the sweeties.

This year was slightly different - for the first time, the school's parents' association decided to hold a disco for the kids. I got back from Glenrothes, where I met no ghouls, demons or ghosts, although I had passed myself off as the Green Tax Witch all day, a short while before the disco started. The last thing I wanted to do was help out at this disco, but, not wanting to let the side down, I went along.

My job was to sell glo-sticks to the masses. Last year, my friend sparked concern by blowing more money than planned on glo-sticks. People thought we'd never sell them all. However, the investment into the glo-stick futures market proved highly successful and more profitable than my HBOS shares, for example. Kids just love them and we sold loads tonight. My mood improved with the music - who can listen to Don't Stop me Now without feeling good?

The only blot on the evening was one parent sending a taxi to pick up their child, even though we had specifically, and in no uncertain terms, on several occasions, requested that this should not happen. It's really hard when we have to decide whetehr it is safe to send a child off alone into the night - it's just not fair to put us in that position. Thankfully this child knew their home phone number, but I got a flea in my ear when I phoned to confirm the arrangements with his mother.

Am I over-reacting?

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Duncan Borrowman said...

The scots are to blame for Trick or Treat. It evolved from Guising.

Unknown said...

So are the apes to be blamed for the excesses of humanity?:-)

Guising involved going round the doors collecting sweets for singing or telling a joke - there was never any threat implied.

PJ said...

OMG Caron you are not over reacting, I am appalled by this story. I was also one of the duty Mums at a primary school Hallowe'en disco on Thursday night and would have done exactly as you did.

I deplore the abdication of resposibility attitude that some parents have (and don't shoot me down in flames for this because I know it is only a few!). I wonder if these parents are the same ones who will complain about the "state of the nation" yet be far too busy to actually vote....


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