Sunday, October 26, 2008

What the Lib Dems Want.....

In response to J Arthur MacNumpty's question, I can't speak for all Lib Dems, but I know what I want, not just for the Glenrothes by-election, but for the future:

- Harry Wills would be a first class MP, fighting for Fife, standing against the illiberal excesses of both the SNP and Labour. Both have disappointed in recent years. ID cards, the SNP pandering to the Catholic Church over the HPV vaccine, 42 days and banning under 21s from buying booze are equally illiberal. The choice between them is kind of like having to choose between eating a wichety grub and a kangaroo's testicle - either way, I throw up. Harry would strengthen further the already excellent Fife Lib Dem Parliamentary team of Ming Cambpell and Willie Rennie at Westminster, Jim Tolson and Iain Smith at Holyrood and Elspeth Attwooll, (and hopefully George Lyon from next June when Elspeth retires).

- Alex Salmond to implement Tavish Scott's tax cut plan. We already have it within our power to do something to help people struggling with rising food and energy costs. We can take meaningful action without picking a fight with Westminster. We can use the Scottish Parliament's existing powers to improve the quality of people's lives. So why haven't you done it, Alex?

- Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to implement Vince Cable's economic recovery plan to boost the economy, regulate the financial services sector and ensure that reposessions only happen as a last resort - and, Nicola Sturgeon, can you please listen to the lawyers who are saying that legislation is needed in Scotland on this issue.

- The Government to deliver on affordable housing. I see people every week in dire circumstances, families living in bed and breakfast accommodation because they have been make homeless, families struggling to cope with four children in a 2 bedroomed flat, people desperately needing repairs to their homes. Someone has to do something fast.

- Fife's commuters to stop being penalised by season tickets costing £20 more than comparable journeys across the rest of the country. It's not fair and needs stopping. There is no excuse, First Scotrail.

- People to live in peace and safety without the fear of anti social behaviour - which would be a lot easier if the SNP Government had delivered on its pledge to put 1000 more Police on the beat.

I could go on, but that'll do for now.
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Jeff said...

Peter Grant is the head of the Fife Council and Lindsay Roy is a well-respected head teacher, is it really appropriate or even mature to compare them to a grub and a kangaroo's testicle?

What do you think of Wills saying Sarah Brown is "a woman sent to do a man's job". A rather sexist choice of language, no?

Unknown said...

Jeff, you know perfectly well that I wasn't comparing either Peter or Lindsay, who are decent human beings, to bugs and balls. Nor was I even saying that their parties were those things - just that I couldn't choose between whether I would prefer Labour or the SNP to win if we didn't. I don't have enough trust in either Labour or the SNP to do the right thing.

The sexist thing about the Sarah Brown visit was the way sledgehammer like Labour Party control freaks kept her from doing what she is good at. By all accounts, she is a very pleasant woman with more people skills than Gordon by a factor of about a million. She is a PR professional, as well. They should have let her go and talk to real people because she would have been fine. They should have had more confidence in her and respect for her.


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