Wednesday, October 08, 2008

SNP and Tories forge unholy alliance in Glenrothes

I wasn't especially surprised to read this little titbit of gossip on Andrew Reeves' blog. So the Tories are basically going to work with the Nats to try to ensure Labour lose Glenrothes. Given their de facto coalition in Holyrood and Alex Salmond's recent hagiographic admiration of Margaret Thatcher, it's not that much of a revelation that they are working together. I'm just amused that they are not even bothering to hide it.

I agree with Andrew that the only way to send the Labour Party a message on November 6th is to vote for Harry Wills. Remember what happened the last time there was a by-election in Fife. Harry who has already been helping local residents with a whole host of concerns. He would be the kind of MP who would work tirelessly for local people and would be an excellent choice to work with fellow Fife MPs Willie Rennie and Ming Campbell. Got to be a better choice than the Government which only looks alive when you compare it to the banking system and the financial markets or the Tartan Tory Twins.


Jeff said...

Realistically, Maurice Golden is not going to win Glenrothes.

Given that, who would you like to see win the seat, Labour or SNP?

Unknown said...

It's obvious Maurice Golden isn't going to win Glenrothes - that's why the Tories are chumming up with their nationalist friends to try to shore up the nationalist vote.

I want the Lib Dem candidate, Harry Wills to win, and I believe he can.

Jeff said...

Apologies, I got the candidates mixed up. I meant harry wills (who also has no chance.)

Well, i hope you're being disingenuous when you say Mr Wills can win. he clearly has no chance.

And if the Tories are backing the SNP, then at least they are being pragmatic and proactive about it.

Personally, i don't see what sort of 'plan' they would come up with. People are free to vote for whoever they want to.

Unknown said...

Well, the Lib Dems have come up with the most practical and sensible approach to the current economic crisis. Vince Cable's sound, steady and knowledgable manner has won the party and him much respect - as you acknowledge yourself. New Scottish Leader Tavish Scott called for the Scottish Parliament to use the powers it already has to cut taxes.

The Lib Dems are coming up with solutions that are going to help people who are really struggling at the moment as well as putting the economy and the financial system on a much surer footing financially.

Coupled with the strong Liberal Democrat tradition across Fife - who knows what may happen?

The Government which is rapidly trying to portray itself as the underdog in one of its safest seats and the Tartan Tory twins have nothing to offer in this election. Harry Wills, Tavish Scott and Vince Cable have.......

As for the choice of Labour or SNP, to be honest it's like trying to make a choice of whether I eat one of these wichety grub things or a kangaroo's testicle. I'd be just as sick whichever one I chose...


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