Sunday, October 05, 2008

Prescott and the Nats - Misbehaviour at the Station

So John Prescott has the misfortune to turn up at Glasgow Central Station just at the same time as a proud SNP Crowd is waving their new member for Glasgow East, John Mason, off on his first trip to the House of Commons. He gave them a gesture that can only be described as rude.

I would say from having watched the clip here that the dishonour is fairly equal. Sure, Prescott should have just walked on with his head held high. We can probably be grateful he didn't repeat his wee faux pas from the 2001 election because that could have been ugly. I wouldn't have put money on him against a baying mob of gloating Nationalists, that's for sure.

To be fair, he was getting a fair bit of verbal from the said baying mob so we probably should give him brownie points for being restrained.

Whatever happened to manners?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Prezza - quite the controversial one. Smug snp asked for that inmy view.

Not a LD myself but interesing blog.


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