Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joe Lieberman polishes his crystal ball

Senator Joe Lieberman, the guy who would have been Al Gore's VP had a few votes in Florida gone the other way, and who is now a McCain supporter, has been showing off some hitherto hidden talents - as fortune teller. He has confidently predicted that John McCain will live until he's 85 years old.

It's a sign that the McCain camp are seeing people turn away from them in their millions, as evidenced by virtually all the polls, in part at least because of concerns about Sarah Palin being that heartbeat away from the Presidency.

I am starting to feel a bit more confident that McCain is going to have a long retirement to leisurely repent his hasty choice of Palin as running mate.

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Anonymous said...

Joe LIE-berman hopefully will stand down before the Dems throw him overboard.

Given what he thinks of Obama and his own warped views on national security he can take his fearful crabby neurotic compromising to a safer place by looking at websites like this:


Good luck at Tel Aviv airport when you leave - hope it was as an awful experience as what I had.

Malc said...

Just out of interest, why is Lieberman's fortune telling "It's a sign that the McCain camp are seeing people turn away from them in their millions"?

That's a bizarre link!

Caron said...

Malc, McCain has lost a fair bit of ground recently - partly due to the economy, partly due to Palin.

Lieberman's comments seemed to me like a desperate attempt on behalf of the McCain camp to try and reassure people that Palin wouldn't get the chance to be President so it was fine to vote for McCain.

Stephen Glenn said...

The days of his life will be three score years and 25!!!

Wow, does the religious right realise that Leiberman is prediciting McCain is stretching the literal truth of the bible this far?

Ps 90:10 ;)

BTW that is just a question from someone on the religious left.


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