Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cowardly SNP Break Local Income Tax Pledge

Of all the things that make me seethe about the SNP Government, their abandonment of their pledge to introduce a Local Income Tax, betraying Scotland's poorest, has me spitting feathers. This deeply unfair tax is here to stay, with the SNP freezes saving the rich much more than they benefit the poor.

Seems that after the budget showdown, this vanilla lite government is not even going to try to do anything that might upset anyone for the next 2 years. What a bunch of defeatists!

Here is Jeremy Purvis' reaction to the news on Tavish TV:

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Anonymous said...

Ditching LIT is the best thing the Nats have done in a long time. Income tax is an impost on jobs, passed on in the cost of goods and services with, proportionately, the most harmful impact on the poor. It's about time we Lib Dems followed suit and lived up to our pledge to shift the burden off work and onto unearned wealth.

Unknown said...

LIT surely helps the poor, much more so than the deeply unfair council tax which we are lumbered with for even longer.....

Anonymous said...

No. While council tax is unfair and certainly needs to be radically reformed or replaced, what we don't need - least of all the poor - is another tax on productive endeavour.

Like all deadweight taxes on jobs, LIT will transfer yet more of the fiscal burden from the wealthiest to the poorest. Axe the Council Tax by all means, but let's not replace it with another burden on employment.

Grogipher said...

"LIT will transfer yet more of the fiscal burden from the wealthiest to the poorest." (From the comment above)

Really? You'll have to explain that one to me.

And as for the original post, I do not think it's fair to use the word 'abandonment', it's still policy, just not one that will be presented to Parliament this term.


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