Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I spent some time earlier this morning, under the patient and skilful direction of my beautiful and talented daughter, Anna, making a Valentine's card for my lovely and long-suffering husband Bob. I have not felt well enough to brave the shops so I was panicking slightly, given that my craft skills are probably somewhere as good as the average 3 year old's.

I was quite pleased with the final result - I managed to draw a bear which you could actually recognise. I remember once at a Lib Dem training session drawing a pig and being told that my effort looked like a hot water bottle with legs.

Anyway, Bob did seem to like my my amateurish effort and I don't think he was just being polite. He had hidden my card next to the tea caddy (I am my Granny's girl, after all) and he gave me a lovely bunch of lilies.

I hope he actually realises how much I appreciate him - he is the kindest and most gentle man I have ever met and I am grateful every day for that moment of wisdom that made me grab on to him and refuse to let go all those years ago:-)

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Happy Valentines Day!


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