Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hamster Naming Poll 2

Some months ago I ran a poll, purely advisory in nature, to garner opinion on what Anna should name her new hamster. She completely ignored the result and instead went for a name that wasn't even on the list, but she thought it was helpful.

Sadly, our much loved little Powder Puff passed away on the same day as President Obama was inaugurated. She had a tumour in her intestine and had to be put to sleep. I have to say how proud I was of Anna for being so brave. The vet thought she was fantastic.

So, we now have a new inhabitant of our re-designed cage. In Anna's words "He is a long haired white Syrian with dark eyes and pink ears with a tiny black spot on each one. He has a very cute face and wouldn't say boo to a goose. We have been calling him Mr Brainless Wonder due to his habit of making a nest in hiis wheel. He also burrowed under his hamster igloo, sits in his food bowl and will run into his wheel if you look at him from across a room or touch the lid of his cage. When he can overcome his nervousness, he loves to be cuddled."

She was very keen to have another poll, and so we'd appreciate your vote. You'll note that we have an option for you to suggest your own name, which you can do by commenting to this post.

The poll closes in one week's time, February 9th.

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PJ said...

Fudge and Smudge were our first two Hamsters - although not at the same time, as we may have ended up with a colony!!

Anonymous said...

For a number of reasons, which I won't go into now, the name Tavish appeals to me.

Jennie Rigg said...


Stuart Winton said...

Snowball is good, but might this conflict with your phobia?

Hywel said...

Snowball is a combination of my previous (Furball) and current (Snowy) hamsters so Snowball would probably get my vote.

Both white short-haired syrians as well

Unknown said...

PJ, he isn't really either fudge coloured or smudgy, but both are lovely names.

He's not blond enough to be Tavish, Norman. And he's way to stupid to understand a budget.

I like your style, Jennie.

Stuart, when I think of snowballs, I tend to picture those tacky advocaat and lemonade with a touch of lime things brought back into vogue by Nigella last year. Have enough of them and I'd forget about my phobia.

Hywel, good suggestion, thanks. And how is little Snowy?


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