Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why are the Nats ignoring Twitter?

Forget Facebook and blogging, it's Twitter that's all the rage at the moment. This is another insidious internet phenomenon that sucks you in gradually and, before you know it, you are hooked. I signed up originally about 5 months ago and my first "tweet" was something along the lines of "Can't work out what the use of this is. Can someone please enlighten me?"

A few months later and I've even downloaded software to help me manage my Twitterlife and I have found that it definitely does have its uses. My blog now feeds into Twitter so every time I post something all my followers are alerted to the fact. And Twitter now feeds onto this blog so you can get a taste of the random things that enter my head from time to time that I wouldn't think of blogging about.

Twitter has shown its worth as a campaigning tool in recent weeks with Jo Swinson MP and James Graham organising their fight against the Government's plans to exempt MPs from Freedom of Information legislation.

Scottish MPs like Jo Swinson, Tom Harris and even the Tory, David Mundell, have taken to regular twittering - Jo and Tom have even done it in the Chamber itself, both of them providing a commentary on Prime Minister's Questions last Wednesday.

When I asked Jo (via Twitter, of course) if it was allowed, she said "yes, it's now allowed, some MPs rather frown upon it but I reckon it's a good way to connect the Chamber to the outside world." Good on all of them for using new technology to engage with the people who elected them.

The one major party who has so far not embraced Twitterdom is the SNP. There is an Alex_Salmond Twitter profile, but that has more to do with our very funny friends at A Leaky Chanter than with Sandi Thom's new singing partner. Some of the updates have been hilarious:

"Brown gets 45 mins on the phone with Obama eh?! I only asked for 15. That's the union oppressing us once again. Super size that Korma."

"Budgets sorted. Took me 4 days to sort out what Swinney took 4 months to cock up. Who's the daddy"

"Thinks Napoleon symbolises military genius and political power - just like himself"

and on bringing Mr Neil into the Cabinet

"There's only room for one Smart Alec in this administration - he's been warned!"

I am surprised that, given the Nat propensity for jumping on every bandwagon imaginable, and their prevalence in the blogosphere, that they haven't recognised the potential of Twitter. Mind you, that's maybe not a bad thing.....

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Holyrood Patter said...

im sorry
ill get on it immdeiately!

Jeff said...

I don't really understand Twitter yet, I thougt it was just for the teenagers.

Can't imagine I'll be picking it up though, there's only so much worthy chat one can squeeze into a sentence or 2.

Why use one word when you can use ten has always been my philosophy.

Times move fast when being a mere blogger means you are old skool.


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