Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lord Lucan meets Captain Mainwaring

Evidence, as if we ever needed it, that John Thurso is a legend.

He's right - once a visit to the bank manager had to be taken very seriously. You wore a suit and looked as respectable as you possibly could, because this person's impression of you could affect your future life and prospects.

This person would know your affairs backwards and would make informed judgements on whether to lend you money. Ok, they were sometimes more conservative than they should have been, but as we have seen this might not always have been a bad thing.

In recent times, getting a mortgage has involved ringing up a call centre, giving a little bit of information and 15 minutes later being told you can get way funds way beyond your ability to repay them.

Now the elastic has snapped back in again and it's extremely difficult to get any credit.

We need to go back to that happy medium of personal banking and decisions made on the basis of sustainability rather than greed.

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