Monday, February 02, 2009

How can a "dirty weekend in Glasgow" lead here?

I don't really indulge in too much statporn. It just gives me a headache. Every so often, though, I like to have a wee look to see who my readers are and how they are finding this blog. I suppose I must be a little bit geeky to even know this, because I wouldn't have had a clue a few months ago, but my counter has a page which tells me, when it can, the website which referred the reader to me. From that I can see that my posting of Bishop Gene Robinson's Inaugural prayer and the the Tony Benn on the DEC Gaza appeal have been amongst recent favourites.

I was somewhat perplexed, though, to find that someone had typed "dirty weekend in Glasgow" and got here. Utterly bizarre!

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Anonymous said...

On an entirely unrelated topic, have you posted much about Tommy Sheridan? ;-)

Unknown said...

I don't think I have, not even once:-)

Anonymous said...

GCC refuse collection backlog?

Unknown said...

Bizarrely the references seem to come from a comment made to a post about Glasgow East I made in July and another about the Gaza protests in January. Weird or what?

Anonymous said...

OK, seriously - here's why. Copy/paste this into Google: dirty weekend glasgow

You have at least two pages on your blog which contain those three words.

Unknown said...

It's the whole of the January archive what's done it:-)


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