Sunday, February 15, 2009

Salmond's Skewed Priorities prolong suffering for many

Take a manifesto with 2 main flagship policies: a referendum on independence, and ditching the unfair Council Tax. The first is wanted by nobody other than nationalists and Greens, the other had a realistic chance of becoming law.

Which do the Nats sacrifice? The one which actually could help people and rid them of the burden of a deeply unjust tax.

They still, as far as we know, intend to press ahead with their referendum on independence, which has even less support in the Parliament.

Why allocate the Parliamentary time to something that's destined to fail when they could build a consensus for a locally set LIT?

Lib Dem Leader Tavish Scott pressed Alex Salmond on this at FMQ's this week.

Here he is talking about it afterwards.

Whoever shoots these things does need to check the lighting first - the brighest thing in this is Tavish's tie and it all looks a bit eerie.

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Jeff said...

Not sure why you're surprised Caron, we've always known Tavish isn't very bright... (*canned laughter*)

Which party do you realistically think was most likely to come on board with the SNP and Lib Dems on this one?


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