Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Strong first months for Tavish as Lib Dem Leader.

Two interesting quotes about Tavish Scott in recent days.

The first is from the most recent Sunday Times, but not the online version, sadly. I have just poked myself in the eye with the print version while looking for this:

"Of all the Party leaders, Scott has come closest to landing a blow on the mercurial First Minister. It was he who led the running on Salmond's apparent obfuscation on the floor of the Parliament."

I have Willie to thank for the next one which actually made me laugh out loud. In an interview on Good Morning Scotland the day after the budget fell, Tavish came out with "It would be important to recognise that the First Minister is not the Prime Minister, nor is Alex Salmond the Queen." It's time somebody told him that!

It's not like me to be happy with a leader, and particularly one I didn't vote for, but I think this one's doing fine. He has led the way on the economy, on HBOS, on SNP's appalling squandering of our natural heritage by selling off the forests. He's bound to annoy me at some stage, but so far so good.

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Stuart Winton said...

I warmed to Tavish slightly when he got rid of that awful beard!!

(Note: Lest anyone thinks I'm being 'beardist', I'm not totally against them, but I don't think Tavish's flattered him at all)

Unknown said...

I agree with you that the beard is not his best look, but he grew it for participation in Up Helly A in Shetland, which is extremely important to him.


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