Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leave Leith Alone!

I almost choked on my Weetabix when I read about Forth Ports' ridiculous idea to name a huge development that is being built in Leith the Edinburgh Harbour Development.

This is their craziest idea since ship to ship oil transfer - and with a good public campaign, that one was consigned to the dustbin.

A 4000 signature petition has been delivered to the Council and Lib Dem Council leader Jenny Dawe is trying to persuade Forth Ports to change their mind.

Forth Ports need to realise that there is no point in upsetting people for no good reason - and their justification is, frankly, pathetic. Apparently they believe that the name Edinburgh is crucial to getting cruise ships to come here. If they really think that, then maybe they should give the marketing job to someone with some imagination.

I love Leith, it was the first place I lived with my husband 22 years ago, it's a distinct community that does not deserve to be subsumed into Edinburgh, so leave it alone.

If you want to help the campaign, you will find lots of information on the Greener Leith website.

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Andrew Reeves said...

I completely agree and have blogged about it tonight. Forth Ports are so wrong on this one.

tya said...

i agree too


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