Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Government Department in competence Shocker 2

I'm completely shocked that, twice in one week, Government Departments have actually done what they are supposed to do.

Remember my "why should I get free prescriptions" rant from last week? Well, I only filled in the form last Wednesday, and my exemption certificate arrived yesterday.

Can't be bad.

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Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see that you are praising the good as well as slating the bad in public service. There is a lot wrong with public service but there's usually a reason for that. The CSA, which you highlighted recently, was a flightless bird from the start. The Agency was saddled by legislation that produced complex procedures that could be easily and endlessly challenged and which, when they finally produced a support assessment, it could be easily avoided. Add to that poor staff training, a shoddy computer system and inadequate staffing levels and you get a microcosm of the current Civil Service. The whole purpose of the CSA ignited the ire of the middle class. Absent fathers and fee-starved lawyers combined to attack it in public. A fair number of civil servants are going the extra mile for the public but their tale is never told. The electorate wants the job done but does not seem to want to pay for it. Another legacy of Thatcher?


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