Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mother made to breastfeed twins in hospital store cupboard

If you work in a hospital where mothers and babies are treated, you should be aware that the NHS and the Government have loads of initiatives to encourage and support breastfeeding. Therefore, when a mum comes up to you with her hungry twins and asks where she can feed them in privacy, even if you don't know about the dedicated breastfeeding rooms, surely you would have the common sense to find her somewhere bright and clean with a comfortable chair. Surely to goodness you wouldn't punt the trio off into a store cupboard.

It used to be commonplace to suggest to breastfeeding mothers that they feed their baby in the toilets. Well I wouldn't eat in there and I don't see why a baby should have to. This is almost as bad.

At least the local NHS has taken it on the chin and admitted that this shouldn't have happened, although how hard would it have been to actually use the word sorry to the mum in question?

Edit just to say that the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I've linked to a BBC story after removing all my news feeds last week after the DEC appeal fiasco. I haven't forgiven them, but I guess the journalists did make sure the story stayed in the headlines. And I simply couldn't live without Brian Taylor and Bill Turnbull:-).

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