Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vote for Vince

I have just cast my vote for Vince Cable in the Channel 4 News Political Impact Awards

Here are my reasons:

He's a petrolhead who wanted to take an Aston Martin to his desert island

He loves bees

He was one of the few non-Scottish Lib Dem MPs (Simon Hughes, Paul Holmes and Greg Mulholland among them) who came up to help in the Livingston by-election, stayed for two days and worked so hard. He was polite and friendly to everybody and behaved like a normal person and not an important shadow cabinet member.

He's a massive Strictly Come Dancing fan - and when he was acting leader ditched going to the Federal Executive in favour of going to the recording of the Strictly Christmas Special.

The Stalin to Mr Bean comment - worth seeing again

And, of course, he's the only person who has actually been talking sense about the economy for quite a long time.

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PJ said...

Hi Caron

It's interesting how Vince Cable has managed to connect to so many people across political divides but, and for me this is the clincher, also those who don't normally take an interest in politics.

I have relatives who live in Twickenham, his constituency. None of them would profess to have much of an interest in politics (much to my frustration) but they are absoultely resolute in their admiration and support of Vince Cable! He has acheived the politically impossible task of connecting with a disillusioned electorate by proving himself to be both credible and likeable. Hats off to him!!

I think your recommendation is well-founded.

Unknown said...

Thanks, PJ. I'm sure he's appreciate that.


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