Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pink Dog finds Fame

The most adorable Pink Dog in the history of the world ever has been recognised by a wider audience - a mention in the BBC Internet blog, no less.

This comes just a day after Lionel de Livi 's stat meter went almost radioactive after a link from the Guardian.

Rumours hit my ears, though, that all is not well between the fluffy bloggers, with Lionel throwing a huge diva strop at Pink Dog stealing his headlines.

"I'd be happy to give Pink dog the number of my plastic surgeon," said an angry Lionel after 17 glasses of red wine and a gin fizz, "his work has been very badly done and is in desperate need of repair."

Scottish Liberal Democrat conference organisers were thrown into despair tonight when they saw Lionel's list of demands for appearing at a fringe meeting - a dressing room with only purple crocuses, nothing pink to cross his line of sight the whole time he was there, 28 bottles of newcastle brown ale and DVDs of Livingston FC's league performances for the last 10 years to be broadcast on continuous loop in the exhibition area throughout the entire conference. A special meeting of the conference committee is to be convened to discuss the way ahead.

Pink Dog was not available for comment last night.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Well he never told me!


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