Friday, January 16, 2009

Land Before Breakfast - the Plot against Heathrow's Third Runway

This morning I signed up to become the beneficial owner of that piece of land near Heathrow which some clever people bought to try to scupper the third runway.

To my husband, in case he stumbles upon this, it didn't cost anything, don't panic.

If you feel as strongly as I do that this is an expansion way too far and flies in the face of everything we're supposed to be doing about climate change, do join up too.

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Anonymous said...

so you never fly? or, you want to restrain capacity, make flying more expensive, and stop hard working families from being able to afford to fly? how very worthy of you

Unknown said...

I kind of have this bizarre thing about wanting to save the planet so that my daughter and her children have a good place to live. There is more than enough air traffic and we don't need any more.


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