Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aladdin, King's Theatre, Penultimate Performance

I kind of guessed that if we bought tickets for the last but one performance of the pantomime, that there would be some demob happy fun. I somehow don't think that in all performances since the end of November, the music of death has been Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday. Nor did I think that one cast member would sing that they had completely made up the lyrics as they had forgotten them. Nor that the obligatory cute child on the stage would throw up some answers that were completely unexpected to the actors.

My friend had told me that this pantomime was funnier than usual. I didn't think so, and I really felt the loss of Andy Gray, whose performance of the Scissor Sisters "I don't Feel Like Dancing" brought the house down 2 years ago.

The 3D effects throughout the show were good, though.

It was a reasonably traditional telling of the Aladdin story, except for Abanazar, played by Forth One's Grant Stott, getting his instructions from some weird sort of Doctor Who/Blake's Seven Type space command.

I was quite surprised that there was an Abi Titmuss joke. Abi, some may remember, but you are not a bad person if you don't, is the waste of space who once went out with Grant's brother, John Leslie, and the joke was directed at Grant.

It was well worth going and I will be booking tickets for better seats for the same performance next year.

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