Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Day of Anticipation, Excitement and a bit of disappointment

The disappointment comes from the fact that I am here at my laptop and not in Edinburgh going round the Winter Wonderland after going to the demo against Israel's increasingly appalling action in Gaza. I have got a bug the details of which you are best left ignorant. Unfortunately, though, it looks as though I will have further opportunities to demonstrate as the Israelis just seem to be getting more and more aggressive. Presumably because they can.

Anyway, the anticipation is because of the annoucement in less than two hours of the name of the actor who is to replace David Tennant as Doctor Who. Names such as David Morrissey, Paterson Joseph, Catherine Zeta Jones (what on earth was Russell on when he suggetsed her?) and Lesley Sharp have been thrown into the ring at various points. All the smart money is on Paterson Joseph. I've only ever seen him in Survivors, and thought he was very good, so I could live with him.

I quite like the way the BBC are doing this - announcing a special Dr Who Confidential 24 hours out and live streaming it onto big screens across the country - so if we had been in Edinburgh I'd have nipped across to the station to watch it.

One hour, 38 minutes and counting......

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Anonymous said...

So Hamas aren't aggressive then???? perhaps we should live here with threats of annihilation evry day - then perhaps the anti- Israel voice would be stilled. Hamas uses the innocents as shields then cries poor us when they are massacred - something the israelis do not do

Unknown said...

I've said before that Hamas are hardly a bunch of cuddly teddy bears. They need to stop their rocket fire too. Howeever, Israel's disproportionate action is unjustifiable. They have killed hundreds of innocent people in a show of force that could set the cause of peace back decades.


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