Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chat with John Barrett MP

That nice John Barrett, MP for Edinburgh West bought Stephen and I coffee and a mincemeat tart as reward for getting cold and wet waiting till the end of the Gaza rally to hear him speak.

It was great to catch up because I haven't seen him for ages, but I thought this observation he made was worth sharing with you all:

"I was in London at the time of the July 7 bombings. These bombers came from Leeds. We haven't built a wall round Leeds and then started bombing Leeds."

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Stephen Glenn said...

Point of Order.

He didn't buy me coffee.

It was Earl Grey Tea, hot.

Unknown said...

Actually, Captain, isn't that tea, earl grey, hot?

Jeff said...

It's a good thing John Barrett had a loving audience of 2 whe he said that as it is a remarkably daft comment to make for a politician.

Leeds didn't elect an administration whose sole purpose is destroying London, they haven't fired thousands of rockets into London over a short space of time.

As analoies go, it's about as weak as ordering an Earl Grey when there's coffee on the menu...! ;-)

Unknown said...

He was making that point that the people who are suffering aren't the perpetrators of the wrongdoing.

And I am a big earl grey fan - although I put milk in it, much to Stephen's disgust.

Jeff said...

The people suffering inside the cordoned area did elect the perpetrators of the wrongdoing. Why vote for Hamas who are going to fire rockets into an 'enemy' that will sooner or later attack you back tenfold?

Then again, London did contribute to electing Tony Blair who, it could be argued, was partly to blame for the 7/7 attacks so I guess there is a parallel there with the Leeds/London nonsense.

Despite the above, my sympathies do overwhelmingly lie with the Palestinians but too one-sided an argument is difficult to let pass by. And I also still really think it was a daft thing for JB to say, and he has far too big a majority for any self respecting person. Doesn't he know there's a recession on?

I prefer Chai Tea Lattes, so I should really just stay shtoom about Earl Greys.


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