Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High Drama at Holyrood

So, the Budget has fallen. It was very good of Yousuf to live blog the event for us and capture the tension as it became clear that Patrick Harvie wasn't bluffing.

It was a dramatic end to a deeply uninspiring budget which was not designed to deal with the current economic circumstances.

Let's hope that the next version to come to Parliament will do more to stimulate the Scottish economy and help struggling families.

There is, in Parliamentary terms, still plenty time to pass an amended budget - as long as the vote takes place by Valentine's Day, the Budget can be in place on April 1st.

Now that the drama is over, there needs to be constructive negotiation to ensure that we get the best deal for the Scottish people. It won't be enough for Swinney and Salmond to say "take it or leave it". If they can't provide a plan that can secure the backing of a majority of MSPs, then they will feel the wrath of the Scottish people.

I have a feeling that, give or take a few hissy fits over the next few days, it will all be sorted out in good time.

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