Monday, January 26, 2009

X Factor's Louis Walsh helps Children's Charity

Credit where it's due, it's good to see that much and often unfairly maligned X Factor Judge Louis Walsh has a heart. It's amazing what random stuff you find on the internet when you're looking for something completely different. Anyway, I came across this article which tells how he has agreed to become patron of Amy and Friends. This charity aims to provide help and support to children suffering from a condition called Cockayne Syndrome which causes premature aging.

I found another interview with Amy in which she talks at length about the effects of her condition.

It's good that a high profile figure like Louis has taken the time to support this deserving cause.

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Anonymous said...

I am a personal friend of Amy and she is so happy that Louis agreed to do this for her and the other children !! xx

Unknown said...

That's good to know and I'm sure he will really help to raise awareness of this condition which will help raise money for support and research.

Anonymous said...

i think louis will do an excellent job for this cause of raising money and that he has agrees to help out for amy and friends

Anonymous said...

I am Amy's mum and Amy is here with me - we just wanted to say thank you for sharing Amy's story on your blog. Amy recently had surgery and hasn't been too well but remains happy like all of the other CS kids.
We were so happy when Louis said that he would be patron and in May we are holding an afternoon tea at the House of Lords to raise awareness of CS with the NHS and ministers. Hopefully the kids can then get treatment in the UK and not have to fly abroad to get it.
Thank you again - big kiss from Amy!! x

Unknown said...

Thank you for that, Amy and Jayne -if I can do anything to help, give me a shout.

Amy, hope you are comfortable and getting over your op.


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