Friday, January 23, 2009

Tom has a slick new website

Congratulations to Tom Harris who has taken his blog away from Wordpress and given it a slick new makeover.

There's lots of red, to take him back to his tribal roots - which is in contrast to the British Gas ad at the top of the page. Ironically, I first saw it just as someone was on GMTV talking about how British Gas's 10% gas price cut wouldn't be felt by the most vulnerable as prepayment meters and people on the social tariff wouldn't get it.

I think the site looks more professional than it did before and is clearly becoming more of a Labour Party campaigning vehicle. Is there an election in the offing?

I hope that his blog keeps up its mix of wry observation, Doctor Who stuff and real life. I wouldn't like to think it was going to be all Labour Party bollocks from now on.

And, while I think about it, I'm sorry to see that Carolyn's "will you turn that computer off" comment has gone. She is the real heroine of the blog - I remember her, when he was lamenting that he didn't look as good as Daniel Craig in a tux, posting a comment to the effect that there was nobody more disappointed than her that he didn't look like Daniel Craig. Wish I could find it just now.

Edit 24/01 to put in the link provided by Tom to that posting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Caron. Three quick points: (1) I'm still using Wordpress as the engine for my site, albeit with a bespoke new design; (2) the blogpost you're looking for is here -
and (3) Thanks for the plug.


Unknown said...

Thanks. I have now put in the link and glad to see the Carolyn comment at the top of the page:-)


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