Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leave our Forests Alone, Salmond

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Tavish Scott has been leading a campaign to save Scotland's forests from the SNP's plans to sell a quarter of our forests to private concerns.

I have to say that I was absolutely horrified at this idea. Why turn over your precious natural heritage to people motivated entirely by profit? Have the Nationalists learned nothing about the need for conservation and sustainability? Are foreign investors going to care about the rural economy and will they preserve our tourist attractions? I think not.

Tavish has launched a petition against these proposals. Please sign it here preferably before the consultation closes on 26th January. His latest Tavish TV slot is below.

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1 comment:

James Mackenzie said...

Leave our water and our post offices alone, Tavish!

(same rules apply: who'd ever consider taking those out of public hands)


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