Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cameron should stop bashing Ed for standing against his brother

I am getting utterly fed up of tuning into PMQs and hearing David Cameron take Ed Miliband apart at the flimsiest of excuses for standing against his brother in the Labour leadership election.

Today, Ed had a go at William Hague, and Cameron retorted with a cheap gag about how Ed clearly liked knifing foreign secretaries - look what he'd done to the last one. Ed came back with a line about Cameron's fascination with his relatives, and he was sure he'd bring up something about his second cousin in Belgium next. I'm sure Tory Central Office is stalking this person as I write.

I have to say that was the high point for Ed at PMQs today - Cameron utterly wiped the floor with him as he complained about falling police numbers. Not the thing to do when your previous Home Secretary was on record as saying cuts would have to be made.

I am no Ed Miliband fan, believe me. I think he's a complete and utter hypocrite who's trying to rewrite history. However, I do think that he had every right to stand in the contest, and to win. Why should his older brother have any greater claim to the job?

Cameron's taunts make it sound that he believes your background should in some circumstances hold you back - exactly the opposite of what this Government is trying to do. I've had enough of this kind of nonsense and he should stop it.


James said...

Absolutely. It's terrible politics and just makes him look like a would-be bully.

Anonymous said...


How is Miliband trying to re-write history?

SK said...

I'm sure if D.Mill had won Cameron would be making jibes about him tripping up his younger brother -- that's just politics.


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